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National Board Certification

National Board Certification

Florence Unified School District actively supports National Board Certification for our teachers.

  • Are you a teacher who is committed to student growth?
  • Do you want to have a bigger impact?
  • National Board Certification may be what you’ve been looking for!

Why is FUSD a great place to earn my National Board Certification?

  • We will provide a National Board Pre-Candidacy Course to you the knowledge and skills you need to certify at no cost to participants
  • We have a growing cohort to provide you a strong network of support.
  • We offer a $3000 annual stipend once you certify.

Can you tell me more about the pre-candidacy course?

  • This course consists of 24 instructional hours. Participants must commit to attending at least 21 of the 24 hours.
  • This course introduces you to the tools, vocabulary, and framework needed to elevate your teaching practice to National Board standards.
  • This course takes the mystery out of the National Board process.
  • This course connects you to other teachers in the process.
  • This course marks the beginning of your National Board journey.

Why do National Board Certified Teachers want to work in FUSD?

  • NBCT’s and FUSD are committed to Kids First!
  • NBCT’s step up to be teacher leaders in their learning communities.
  • NBCT’s are passionate about paying it forward.
  • NBCT’s build and sustain quality relationships with their students, colleagues, and community.
  • NBCT’s want to work in an environment that supports their learning and growth.

How can I get started?

  • Attend one of our informational sessions to learn the basics of National Board and decide if the pre-candidacy course is right for you.
  • Sign up for the pre-candidacy course by CLICKING HERE

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards logo.

Where can I learn more about National Board Certification for Teachers?

Where else in Arizona can I get support?

What are teachers saying about the process?

I’m working on my first and second components this year, and my intention is to finish all 4 components within the 2019-20 school year. I’ve always believed that thoughtful analysis and introspection about teaching practices is essential for any educator. This helps us evolve in our practice while improving outcomes for our students. Working on my NBCT components has taken this process of analysis and introspection to a new level in my practice as an educator for students with special needs. Unpacking the requirements within each component challenges us to achieve the best practices in our profession. I’ve been able to incorporate several of these practices into my classroom this year. The process has given me important insights about collaboration with families and the community. However, I’ve benefited the most from being part of a wonderful learning community of peers and mentors who share my professional outlook, and strive for excellence for themselves and their students!
~FUSD Teacher

What are parents saying about National Board?

"As parents, we feel the National Board program helped our student's teacher use teaching strategies and communication which helped our student excel in the classroom and beyond.  Not only did the student benefit from this, but we, as parents, feel we were better able to engage with the teacher and our student in a more productive way. The benefits of the program reach far beyond the classroom and into the community. "
~Jody and Casey Adams --Former FUSD Parents