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Transition from School to Work (TSW)


The TSW (Transition from School to Work) program is located at all FUSD high schools. The goal of the program is to help students be career ready after graduation. The TSW Labs at Florence High (Gopher Inc), SanTanFoothills (SanTan Sabercats), and Poston Butte (Bronco Mill) all use the PAES (Practical Assessment Explorations System) to provide students with a hands-on experience in a simulated work environment. Students also have the option to attend the TSW Connect Program.  In the Connect Program, students work in the Printing Pros Print Shop and San Tan Savers Store. The students who complete the program graduate ready to work with a completed transition portfolio. Students at Mountain Vista are able to participate in a Transition Class to learn about personal, career, and life management.