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Summer Computer Program

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Student Chromebook Update


At the conclusion of the 2023-2024 school year, the FUSD tech team will NOT be collecting Chromebooks from 5th -11th grade students. Students will keep their devices throughout the six-week summer break.

When school resumes in July, the students simply bring their Chromebooks back to school with them. This continuity will allow for a seamless transition back into the classroom on Wednesday July 17th. We kindly ask for your cooperation in reminding your child to take good care of their device over the summer break.

More information regarding this update can be found in the Q&A below.

We appreciate your partnership in the learning process.


  • Keeping the same Chromebook will encourage students to take care of their Chromebook as it will be same Chromebook they will use from 5th grade to 12th grade.

  • There are many programs and applications that students could work on throughout the summer. Moreover, FUSD has curated a set of daily activities for students to work on, including programming, and digital citizenship lessons. (PDF)

  • Only 5th -11th grade students will be able to keep their Chromebook throughout the summer. Kindergarten - 4th grade students will continue to keep their Chromebooks in the classroom carts during the school year.

  • Students will be keeping their Chromebook through summer and the school year. The Technology Team reserves the right to collect the Chromebook for maintenance, repair, updates, and policy changes.

  • Please return the Chromebook to the school at the time of withdrawal.

  • Yes, if you purchased insurance for the current school year, the Chromebook is covered throughout the summer.

  • Yes, if you purchase insurance now, you will be covered from now through Summer 2025.

  • Yes, call your school site and request to pay for the 24-25 school year.

  • Call the Technology Help Desk at 520-723-6474