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Inclement Weather Bus Stops
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Transportation Department
at 520-868-8800 or 480-888-7575

Transportation Department
Welcome to the Transportation Department's webpage. It is our pleasure to present this page to better serve your transportation needs.

We have added several new routes and drivers to accommodate our growing population. Please do not hesitate to contact us for route information, bus stops, or pick up and drop off times. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Mark Lamas, Director of Support Services
Director of Support Services: Mark Lamas

Transportation Coordinator: Kim Acord

Phone:     520-868-8800 or 480-888-7575

Fax:         520-868-2342

Kim Acord, Transportation Coordinator
Mailing Address:     P.O. Box 2850  

                                Florence, AZ 85132

Physical Address:   230 Florence Heights  

                                Florence, AZ 85132

Hours:     5:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Florence Unified School District Transportation Department travels over 2,400 miles each school day transporting students to and from school and extra curricular activities. Student safety is our top priority. We take pride in our training program, which includes a detailed curriculum of Arizona Department of Public Safety student transportation minimum standards, current Arizona CDL requirements, student management support as well as various detailed drills in preparation for what may occur during the route! Our training staff is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our state guidelines with refreshers throughout the year and constant policy, safety, and procedure updates as they are communicated to us.

School Bus Road-eo
The 2010-11 School Year kicked off with an interdistrict event focusing on bus driving skills, knowledge and safety. It was a fun and productive day as drivers from all around the region honed their skills in competition in preparation for the opening day of school. To read more and check out the photos, CLICK HERE.

FUSD School Bus Drivers Practice for Safety
FUSD School Bus Drivers Train for SafetyShanna Bailey, Loss Control Consultant for the Arizona School Risk Retention Trust (The Trust),has been traveling around Arizona for two years, training school bus drivers and advising districts on changes that help to increase safety and reduce injuries.  The school bus simulator is just one of the tools she uses; drivers can aggressively practice defensive driving techniques knowing that no life or property will be endangered.

“We love districts like Florence USD that actively engage in safety training for their drivers,” she states. “Even though we offer free training to every school district that is covered by The Trust, some take advantage of the idea while others choose not to. FUSD has made the training mandatory for all of their bus drivers. That’s huge, because it demonstrates a safety oriented culture and ultimately a safer driver. The statistics she shares illustrate a 45 percent drop in the total number of accidents incurred since The Trust first started offering the program in 2009. “More importantly, the training and the safety inspections we offer could potentially save lives.”

In addition to simulator time, Shanna conducted mirror training with all FUSD bus drivers. “Kids are often hit when they are right in front of the school bus, because the mirrors are not adjusted correctly.” She explains, “The average driver can see 10 to 12 feet ahead of the bus without mirrors, but not closer.” The mirror test involves placing cones or painting dots in a specific pattern around the bus. The driver should be able to see all of the cones or dots if the mirrors are correctly adjusted. Shannon Arterbury, FUSD Transportation Coordinator, stated that the mirror training was very helpful, and that the district will be painting the dot grid on the ground just inside the gates to the bus barn. “Every driver will be able to check and set their mirrors every morning as they prepare to leave for their runs. My staff is excited about the training, the future tools with the mirror grid placements and the upcoming opportunities!” Shanna will return to FUSD in July to teach a refresher course on backing and turning busses.