Exceptional Student Services

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                                                  OUR PHILOSOPHY   
 The Florence Unified School District is committed to providing a continuum of quality services to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. It is our goal to see every student with an individual educational program (IEP) meets the goals determined most appropriate by the team. Students with specialized educational needs will receive a positive learning experience through high quality instruction. All staff receives on going professional development opportunities to increase their classroom skills. We are committed to providing a caring community of dedicated staff and working closely with families to meet the diverse academic, emotional and social needs of all students in a positive and productive school environment. 


District Staff

  Director of Exceptional Student Services
Adam Leckie

  Program Specialist
Pam Fesko

  Program Specialist/Preschool
Amy Levinton

  Exceptional Student Services Secretary
Sped/Gifted Records/SAIS
Kathy Papworth

  Exceptional Student Services Secretary
DSC/MAC Coordinator
Dawn Lacher


PUBLIC NOTICE - Retention of Special Education Records

In accordance with ARS §41-1351, the retention period is four (4) years for Special Education Records. Keeping records for a time period other than their approved retention period is illegal. Florence Unified School District will destroy Special Education Records of students who have been dismissed or withdrawn from Florence School District for four (4) years or more from the current academic year.

Prior to the destruction of records, you have the right to review the records and obtain copies of any information. To obtain records you must be the parent or the legal guardian of the student or the student (age 18 or older). Please indicate your request by contacting the Exceptional Student Services Department at 520-866-3539 or email kpapworth@fusdaz.org before December 1st.

If you do not contact Student Services on or before December 1st, all records four (4) years older than the current academic year will be destroyed in accordance with established policy.