Use of Facilities
Use of Facilities

Looking for a Place for your Community Meeting or Event?

Florence USD rents classrooms, cafeterias, gyms and sporting fields to help fill the need for community event locations. Churches, HOA's, sports leagues, scouts - we offer reasonable rates, and we are very happy to help! 

Check the links below or contact Kathy Barker: 520-866-3516 or

Use of Facilities Agreement (includes rates and types of spaces available)

Sports Teams:

The Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Fact Sheet for Athletes needs to be given to the parents of each youth athlete. The Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)/Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement Form needs to be signed by the parent or guardian of each youth athlete. Outside youth athletic organizations will need to have this paperwork as part of their registration packet and they will be responsible for keeping track of it.

Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Fact Sheet and Acknowledgement Form

In addition, all coaches, including youth organization coaches, need to go online and take a test and print a certificate that proves they have taken the online class. The website for that class is:

Thank you, and we'll look forward to "meeting" you soon!