Important General information:

In-District Boundary Variances into our High Schools are limited to boundaries established by the Governing Board, unless your request for a boundary variance is for exclusive academic programing such as International Baccalaureate (IB) programming. Your home domicile (physical residence) is the determining factor for placement into our high schools, not the feeder K-8 school that you may have obtained an In-District Boundary Variance for.

FUSD will provide transportation from the Poston Butte area for students who are granted a boundary variance to attend Florence High School. 
Once a parent makes a declaration, the choice becomes their child’s “school of domicile.” Students will not be allowed to transfer between schools unless you actually move your residence into that new boundary.
Eligibility for athletics and extracurricular activity is affected when students transfer from one school to another. Students considering transfer must contact the Athletic Director of the receiving school to determine eligibility status in relation to the possible transfer.

Typically, Special Education students must attend their home school but final placement will be determined by their IEP.

Home School Declaration
High Schools:
The Florence Unified School District Governing Board determined the attendance boundaries for Poston Butte High School and Florence High School during the January 14, 2009 board meeting. That selection was Boundary Option #5 as noted on the map provided.

This communication is of the utmost importance to the parents of all 8th graders residing in AREAS 1 and 2 (see map). HOWEVER, NO PARENTAL RESPONSE IS REQUIRED IF YOUR CHILD WILL ATTEND POSTON BUTTE AND YOUR DOMICILE LIES IN AREAS 1 OR 2.

8th Graders Residing in AREA 1: All current 8th graders living in AREA 1 MAY choose to attend FHS by requesting a 
Boundary Variance for one or more of the acceptable reasons listed below. This Boundary Variance must be forwarded to the District Office, ATTENTION: Ronda Brown, Business Office Programs Coordinator.

8th Graders Residing in AREA 2: All current 8th graders residing in AREA 2 may choose to attend Florence High School and, while not a variance, they MUST declare this choice by completing the
Home School Declaration application. Once again, no parental response is required if your school choice is Poston Butte High School.

Students Residing in AREA 3: All 2011-2012 eligible high school students residing in AREA 3 shall attend Florence High School. A boundary variance is not available to Poston Butte High School for next school year since none of the acceptable reasons for requesting a variance are applicable.

To complete your In-District Boundary Variance/Home School Declaration Application ONLINE, Click Here.
Acceptable Reasons for an In-District High School Boundary Variance
1. Acceptance into the International Baccalaureate program at FHS.
2. Grandfathered Domicile based upon previous year’s attendance at FHS.
3. Siblings currently attending and remaining at FHS.

Other circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the District for variances to attend Florence High School; however, exceptions to attend Poston Butte High School will not be granted due to the larger enrollment at Poston Butte.